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Mullefun Vision

Mullefun is an indie game development company dedicated to design and develop interactive iPad, iPhone and iPod touch games for preschoolers and youth.

Where appropriate, games are designed with educational value, i.e. learning numbers, the alphabet, animals, fruits or a combination. Other learning objectives is visual and logical thinking.

Reading skills are often not required to play and there will not be any in-app purchases or advertisements for other products than Mullefun games with the same high standards. Unless otherwise very clearly stated.

Mads Yhde, founder of Mullefun

1. December, 2012
Mullefun was created 1 year ago.
21. October, 2012
iPhone5 support + now you can listen to your own music (bug fix)
1. September, 2012
Solitaire translated into Portuguese.
12. August, 2012
10. June, 2012
Home again and filled with energy to take on new challenges
22. March, 2012
China - Lets play Solitaire
15. March, 2012
Yet again the classic solitaire card game released - localized for dutch and english speaking players

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Frog Battle

Frog Battle is a family board game. Up to 4 players at the same time on the same iPad. Jump from lily to lily, push the other frogs into the water, earn powerups, try out the jumping jetpack and much more. Ohh and watch out for the stork.