Mullefun /Mads Yhde
Li. Farimagsgade 5, 2. th.
2100 Copenhagen Ø

CVR: 25 64 25 97 (Danish business number)

Tel: +45 31 72 64 15
Skype: mads.yhde


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I'm Mads, I design and develop iPad and iPhone games and I am the founder of Mullefun.

I live in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. A city with less than 1 million citizens. I'm educated at the University of Copenhagen (DIKU) and hold a bachelors degree in computer science, mathematics and philosophy.

I love to travel (photo above is from Halong Bay, Vietnam, 2010) and my dream is to live a location independent lifestyle. Mullefun is an attempt to fullfill this dream. I enjoy running, bicycling, kayaking, showboarding and soccer. I do not have any kids but I have a nephew, his nickname is Mulle.

This is Mulle playing:

Mulle and I test new games before they are released: