Frog Battle

Frog Battle is a family board game. Up to 4 players at the same time on the same iPad. Jump from lily to lily, push the other frogs into the water, earn powerups, try out the jumping jetpack and much more. Ohh and watch out for the stork.

Platform: iPad
Languages: English
Minimum age: 4 (recommended)
Tags: Animals, Family, Multiplayer, Social
Easiness: No reading required

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Frog Battle

Frog Battle
Frog Battle

Download Frog Battle now and play with your family and friends.


Frog Battle is a true multiplayer social game (1-4 players) for family and friends. Play simultaneously on the same device - like a tabletop game or boardgame.

Frogs live in the pocket pond - a place with joy and happiness. These frogs are playful creatures, they have a big appetite and a weakness for cool gadgets.

Each player control a frog and can make their frog jump by tapping in each active corner of the iPad (corner areas have the same color as the frog). A frog can only jump while sitting on a rotating lily.

To win: think tactically, think strategically, think fast! Push, jump, swim, eat, avoid....

Who will claim the crown and be king of the pond - who will win the love of the princess!?


  • True multiplayer social gaming: up to 4 players simultaneously sharing the same iPad
  • Compete against each other or against computer controlled frogs
  • Avoid being pushed into the water and try to push others
  • Jump from lily to lily - get jump combos for extra points
  • The stork just loves fresh frog meat, avoid the hungry beak
  • Eat bugs to get a protein boost and be able to jump further and swim faster
  • Select different difficulties to match player age/skill
  • Beautiful graphics - compelling, engaging, lifelike
  • Cute likeable frogs
  • Easy to learn, but hard to master with one-touch interaction
  • Gamecenter: 26 achievements
  • It has never been this fun to tease your brothers, sisters and friends
  • Only non-consumable in-app purchases: you buy it once and you own it forever


  • Personalize your frog with different unique skills (gadgets): jumping jetpack, hungry tongue, precision glasses or water propeller. These skills make the frog better in some way.
  • The pond can be full of life - frogs get a power boost if they can catch flying bugs: flies, bees and dragonflies are the kings of the sky with lifelike movements.
  • Magic is part of every fantasy and Frog Battle is no exception. Catch a lotus flower and the effect will be that leading frogs will be dizzy for a short periode (and cannot get points).
  • Ads sponsors this game so it will continue to be free to pla

Please notice that Frog Battle is free to play, but some game elements can be bought for real money. If you don't want to use this then deactivate in-app purchases in the iPad settings.