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FAQ: All frequently asked questions

I publish games under the name "Mullefun", so type in that string in the search box on App store.

Open Mullefun page on iTunes App store

You are probably out of memory on your iPhone (too many apps open at the same time). Either try to free up some memory by closing other open apps manually, or restart you iPhone by holding down the button on the top of the iPhone until a sliding "shut down"-button appear. Slide it to close down, wait 10 seconds, then turn on the iPhone again and now you should be able to play again.

If you experience a crash on startup, then delete the app and download it from App Store again. This can happen if you change your iPhone/iPod language settings to a non-supportet language of the game after you have installed the game.

When you want to start a new game you click the small sign (">"-sign) in the left bottom corner. Here you have 3 options:

  • "New Game": select this option if you want to start a new game and have the deck completely shuffled at random.
  • "Restart": select this option if you want to replay the current game (same shuffling) - this means you will play the same game again to try to solve it.
  • and... "Menu": go to the main screen

Because in a game where you can undo (or cheat), there is no fun. Here every move counts. You can always restart the current game to try a different approach in solving the game. For each restart of a game it will count +1 in the statistics to how many games have been played but will not break your winning streaks.